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Artist Statement Michaela KUhl

“It is never too late to be who you might have been.” (George Eliot)

"My art should serve as an engine for people, encouraging them to see challenges in life as opportunities for personal growth.

Life is change. At any given time, we have the opportunity to grow and evolve. When something within me wants to grow, it's up to me to create the conditions for it to thrive. In my works, this growth is revealed layer by layer. The viewer also sees the underlying layers and thus directly participates in the process of change.

My life, like my art, is full of contradictions. This is where the challenge lies: growing from inner tension, setting a goal in sight, and then letting go. Often, the most challenging moments hold the greatest potential. While creating each piece, there's a moment of dissatisfaction. This critical moment is the driving force for further development. Here, an opportunity arises to create something magnificent.

In art, I have the opportunity to express myself even when I have no words for something and then, in the next step, to find words again. Poetry and lyricism assist me in this process. The viewer has a choice: they can silently contemplate the artwork or gain access to the work through the poetic title of the piece.

People accompany me every day. They are the safe harbor from which I can set sail again. In connection, I gather strength for upcoming changes. People I feel connected to inspire me, and they provide me with new impulses for my works.

My art should serve as an engine for people, encouraging them to see challenges in life as opportunities for personal growth."

Artist Statement

Surviving the 2004 Tsunami as a Catalyst for a Life in Art.

The artist, born in Munich in 1968, began painting at a young age and was discovered and supported by an ambitious art collector. Her early works included watercolors and oil paintings.

Her life took a significant and transformative turn in 2004 when she survived the Southeast Asian tsunami. Art initially became an essential coping strategy for her and then evolved into her greatest passion. She began experimenting with various materials, studying different techniques, attending courses at art academies, and eventually became an art therapist. What sets her art apart is her keen interest in personal development through experimentation. These days, the artist spends almost every day in front of the canvas.

Michaela Kuhl resides in Munich, the Allgäu region, and Tremosine on Lake Garda. In these locations, she creates, showcases, and sells her art.

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